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Meet the Staff Team

Leadership Team

Mr C Eaglestone - Headteacher.

C Eaglestone

Mrs A Jones - Senior Assistant Head teacher: Inclusion and SEND and Reception (Harmony) teacher.

Jones, A Senior Assistant Head







Mr P Waite - Assistant Head teacher: Personal Development and Assessment lead and Year 6 (Beethoven) teacher.

Waite, P

Mrs L Lemon - Assistant Head teacher: Curriculum, Maths Lead and Year 1 (Rhythm) teacher.

Lemon, L

Mrs Brewer- Early Years Leader and Reception (Harmony) teacher.

Bewer, N




Teaching Staff

Mr Waite  –  Year 6: Beethoven Class.

Waite, P

Miss Blaydes- Year 6: Beethoven Class

Blank bio photo

Miss Slipper - Year 6: Mozart Class.

Slipper, E

Mrs Vadivale- Year 5: Elgar Class

Blank bio photo

Mr Davis- Year 4: Sibelius Class

Davis, J

Miss Oliver- Year 3: Baroque Class

Oliver, P

Miss Woods- Year 3: Classical Class

Blank bio photo

Mrs Gibson- Year 2: Blues Class

Smith, J

Mrs Lemon- Year 1: Rhythm Class.

Lemon, L

Mrs Alcock- Year 1: Rhythm Class

Alcock, C

Mrs Bruerton- Year 1 Symphony Class

Bruerton, Lizzie

Mrs Brewer- Reception: Harmony Class

Bewer, N

Mrs Jones- Reception: Harmony Class

Jones, A Senior Assistant Head

Miss Hegarty- Nursery: Harps Class

Hegarty, C









Mrs Flanagan - Pastoral Lead (Maternity Leave)

Flanagan, Anna







Mrs Ram - Teaching Assistant 

Ram, J

Mrs Armstrong - 


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Bourton

Bourton, T







Miss Boyce

Boyce, K







Mrs Bohm

Bohm, C







Miss Charlett

HS 101121121447







Ms Dodero

Blank bio photo







Mrs Dogar

Doga, S







Ms Jabbar

Jabbar, F







Mrs Hart

Hart, J







Miss Hart

Hart, L







Ms Isichei

Isichei, Viktorija






Ms Lee

Lee, M







Mrs Northover - HLTA

Northover, P







Mrs Saunders

Saunders, S







Ms Watkins

Watkins, H







Ms Weller

Weller, E







Miss Wells

Wells, K







Mrs White - Speech and Language support

White, N

Mrs MacLachlan- Recovery Premium Tutor

Blank bio photo







Mr White - Sports Coach

Blank bio photo







Mrs Gunn

Blank bio photo

Miss Zimmer

Blank bio photo







Mrs Surman

Blank bio photo

Miss Guppy

Blank bio photo

Miss Bushnell

Blank bio photo

Miss Mackinlay

Blank bio photo


Mrs Germain - Office Manager & PA to SLT

Germain, J







Mrs Dazley - HR Manager








Ms Gunsett - School Admin Assistant (Maternity Leave)

Gunsett, Vanessa







Mrs Robbins- School Receptionist

Blank bio photo


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Govern - Cook

Ms Charlett - Midday Supervisor


Site Staff

Mr Kirkby - Caretaker

Kirkby, M








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